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Prophet Dr David Edward Owour


Prophet Dr David Edward Owuor of the global Ministry of Repentance and Holiness was a medical scientist by profession, who was called by The LORD into an international prophetic office in 2003, with a specific mandate from The LORD Jesus Christ to prepare His people for His soon coming.

In the last 14 years He has preached to millions at massive repentance and revival meetings in Kenya and spoken in many nations bringing the prophetic word of The LORD

Prophet Dr David Owour


Dr Owuor is known for receiving end time visions from The LORD regarding the nearness of His coming. Theses visions include seeing the release of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rev 6), the Clock of GOD in Heaven, the Two Golden Wedding Rings and more.

Prophet Dr David Owour


He is also known for receiving prophetic words for many nations of impending disasters with warnings to the people to repent in order to avert judgment falling on the nation. These include proclaiming that the Ebola epidemic, 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, 2007 Kenyan election violence, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake would hit unless the people repented. Just two months after the Haiti prophecy was given, a massive earthquake hit the Haitian capital city killing approximately 220,000 people. He also received a warning vision for Chile of a massive tsunami hitting the land, which struck a year later following an 8.8 earthquake killing over 500 people

Other prophecies include warnings of global economic crises, floods, social unrest and distress, wars, storms, earthquakes and tsunami’s to hit nations, even the recent massive floods in Austria and Europe, and India and also revivals, healings and miracles. In the big revival meetings The LORD has healed HIV/AIDS, cleansed lepers, healed cripples, opened blind eyes and much more (see photos). His prophecies are regularly broadcast on Jesus is Lord Radio in Kenya and shown on YouTube.

Prophet Dr David Owour

His Calling

In an interview Dr Owuor described his early encounters with The LORD that revealed his calling; “In 2003, while staying in Chicago, I was in bed sleeping one night when The LORD presented himself in a vision, accompanied by Daniel, Elijah and Moses as witnesses. He touched me with his left hand and lifted me up. I did not understand what that meant and He told me ‘I want you to be my hand on Earth.’ He showed me a highway to drive, showed me a throne and inside there was the Ark of the New Covenant,” he narrates.

On April 2, 2004 at 3:29AM, The LORD appeared to him accompanied by John the Baptist and told him to tell the four corners of the world to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. “There was an earthquake, The LORD gave me the Rod of Moses and asked me to warn all nations of the earth to repent from sexual sin, lying, witchcraft and preaching of money, in order to restore the Altar of The LORD,” He narrates.

Prophet Dr David Owour

End-time Mission

He maintains that his mission is strictly to preach repentance and holiness as instructed by GOD, to prepare people for His soon coming.

Isaiah 40:3 "The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert, a highway for our God"

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Prophet Dr David Owour